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    What Is An Air Curtain?

    Air curtains and free online education

    Air curtains or Air doors create a seamless, invisible air barrier over any exterior opening (including windows, doors, dock doors, cold storage doors, customer front entrances, and patio entrances as well as support internal separations within buildings) that provides a myriad of benefits. Through the separation of environments, air doors save energy by protecting climatized air, inhibit the entry of dust, dirt, fumes, smoke, and flying insects, reduce the stress on HVACR equipment reducing in less spend, and give operators greater control over their environment. Mars Air Systems manufactures high-quality air curtains (sometimes knows as air doors, fly fans, and over-door blowers) and has been a leader in the industry for over 50 years.

    How Do Air Curtains Work?

    Air doors work by delivering an engineered and consistent flow of air across the width of an opening which results in a barrier between two distinct environments and maintains temperature separation. They are preferred to the use of ineffective plastic strips as they are more energy-efficient, sanitary, cost-efficient, and highly effective in retaining cooler and freezer temperatures. Air curtains for doors also eliminate the need to constantly replace shredding, ripped and dirty plastic strips. Applications range from retail to restaurant, industrial spaces, warehouses, large entertainment venues, cooler and freezer walk-in storage, drive-thru windows, transportation terminals, healthcare and hospital settings, cleanrooms, electronics manufacturing and a variety of specialty applications where water, condensation, harsh climatic conditions or unique circumstances benefit from an unobstructed stream of air. Learn more about how an air door works by watching this short video.


    Why Do I Need an Air Door?

    An Air Door is a huge energy-saving device that helps to maintain interior building temperatures while doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed. By maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, employee productivity increases and energy costs decrease. They also prevent dirt, dust, and fumes from entering and deter flying insects -- providing a cleaner, more sanitary environment.

    How Do Specific Industries Benefit from an Air Door?

    Violators such as flying pests, airborne dust and dirt, non-climatized air and hundreds of thousands of pathogens and microorganisms do not discriminate. Facilities of every size, hosting every type of industry and work, struggle to resolve the same challenges.

    • Foodservice
      Whether mandated by a Health Department regulation or driven by the desire an operator’s desire to keep diners comfortable, Mars supports food service operations at the front door, receiving door, pass-through window, patio, refuse area, and cold storage/freezer entry. Mars UVC® is a strong ally in germicidal care with a 99.99%-100% kill rate that eradicates pathogens, reduces VOC odors and provides complete assurance of proven superior sanitation. Learn more about air curtains for restaurant and foodservice.
    • High Tech Assembly & Manufacturing
      Precision manufacturing and facilities with clean rooms demand the sanitation that only Mars can offer among leading providers. From the Mars UVC® with proven germicidal capabilities and a 99.99%-100% surface kill rate to the Mars HEPAC® with a filter capturing 99.97% of microscopic pollutants and particulates as small as 0.3 microns, only Mars has the technology to produce sanitation and security at these levels. Learn more about air curtains for manufacturing and distribution.
    • Healthcare & Hospitals
      When disease-causing bacteria and pathogens have dire consequences, sanitation is serious business. Count on Mars with their industry-leading Mars UVC® offering proven germicidal capabilities and a 99.99%-100% surface kill rate. When particulate contamination is of concern, the Mars HEPAC® with a filter capturing 99.97% of microscopic pollutants and particulates as small as 0.3 microns, offers proven sanitation and security. Learn more about air curtains for healthcare.
    • Transportation
      To provide separation from the fumes, odors, and toxins found in transportation hubs, Mars can provide an engineered stream of air that provides an unobstructed barrier to protect guests and workers. Learn more about air curtains for transportation and terminals.
    • Refrigeration and Cold Storage
      Relieve the evaporator from losing capacity, reduce condensation, snow, and icing, and eliminate slippery floors that result from moisture with the added support of a Mars air door to help cold storage units perform optimally. Learn more about air curtains for refrigeration and cold storage.
    • HVACR
      Costly climatized air is protected when the Mars invisible barrier is put into service and relieves the HVACR system from over-taxing to return to the set temperature. And, with the help of the Mars solution, temperatures do not fluctuate and systems remain steadfast in their delivery. Learn more about air curtains for HVACR.


    Technological Advancements & Continuing Education

    Because Mars never stops innovating or bringing technological advancements to the science of air doors, we are steadfast in our dedication to ongoing learning. Self-driven learning is available at AEC Daily. This AIA-approved course, Air Curtains: Seamless Protective Barriers, is available online HERE.