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    & Energy Loss

    Put the Air Curtain to Work for You

    Mars Air Curtains - Solving Sanitation & Energy Loss Challenges

    Put the Air Curtain to Work for You

    Mars air curtains reduce building energy costs, keep environments sanitary through the elimination of flying pests and debris and ensure consistent building temperatures using an invisible unobstructing flow of air. Put Mars to work at all your openings including entry/exit doors, pass-thru windows, dock doors, receiving doors and create internal climatic separation and realize comfortable results as well as financial results.

    Superior Sanitation and Lowered Energy Costs – Mars Over Every Door® ...and Opening

    Across every industry and facility type (no matter what size), Mars can develop custom whole facility sanitation and significant energy savings with a protective shield of air across every opening, including internal separation across multiple cold storage units and “clean rooms” needing higher sterility & hygiene.



    Large cavernous spaces have climatic challenges, make workers uncomfortable and less productive & drive up utility bills. Tackle both issues with Mars titan of tough.

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    Receiving Loading Dock

    Wide open entryways, heavy traffic, and repeated openings don't mean you can't control temperatures, stop wind gusts & keep workers comfortably productive and moving freely with Mars.

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    In Plant Office Separation

    Whether you need to separate areas by temperature zones or ensure high levels of cleanliness, Mars can protect costly goods & drive energy savings.

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    Walk-In Cooler

    Condensation, pooling water, slippery floors, compressors working overtime...are no match for Mars Cold Storage Solutions.

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    Personnel Entrances

    When man doors give way to pesky flying insects, dust, debris, and wind you need the Mar's shield for superior environmental protection.

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    Customer Entrance Doors (LPV2, QuietPro)

    Welcome your customers... not flying pests or exterior air that interferes with costly climatized air.

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    A Team with the Tools for Designers & Specifiers

    With over 50 years in business, Mars Air Systems is the international leader in air curtains.

    Mars delivers highly customized solutions with a simplified process for designers and specifiers. From our Product Selection Configurator and ROI Calculator to our engineers, technical support and sales & customer satisfaction team, Mars has dedicated resources to support you and help solve the toughest challenges. From initial product specification to final installation and operation, Mars will even host a lunch & learn for your firm to help understand how to create solutions using Mars.

    Count on technically sound support with:

    • Product & accessory recommendations customized to the setting and its environmental constraints because one size does not fit all
    • Technical specifications & ROI calculations with detailed energy savings data
    • Technical guidance for whole facility solutions that produce optimal sanitation
    • Live experts via our customer satisfaction support team

    Let our team put the power of Mars focused air flow to work for you.



    Find A Sales Rep

    Mars Air Systems has broad network – domestic & international -- of continually-trained, industry-specialized representatives and dealers organized to provide the highest level of support for designers/specifiers, contractors, and purchasing leads. And, they are backed by a factory-based Customer Satisfaction Team dedicated to providing guidance in selecting the right products and accessories, answering technical questions, helping you prepare and execute on your installation, and ensuring aftermarket satisfaction and performance.

    For Mars, once a Mars customer always a Mars customer.

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