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    Air Curtains That Keep Bugs Out

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    The greening of business has made its way to pest control. 

    Prudent facility managers know costly and health-threatening chemicals are the least desirable solution to deal with the 234 flying pests – not to mention over 18,000 species of flies—that threaten sanitation, product safety and a company’s reputation. Instead they count on Mars’ invisible protective shield for consistent protection without maintenance and visibility reduction. Mars offers:

    • A non-toxic natural barrier
    • A set and forget consistent durable solution
    • Zero diminishment of visibility
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    Mars protects from over 20,000 known flies and mosquitos in North America alone.
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    Mars can protect from flies that transmit enteric infections (eg dysentery, typhoid, cholera etc), eye infections, poliomyelitis and certain skin infections.

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    How Pest Control Is Better (and Cleaner)
    with Air Curtains

      Toxin Free + Green Approach
      Stop Flying Pests
      Set + Forget Solution
      Zero Maintenance
      Excellent ROI