Mars Air Wash


Mars Air Wash

Mars Air Wash™ offers protection within a vertically-mounted pass-through structure engineered to gently disperse debris from visitors entering a building as it collects and kills airborne particles and pathogens in the local area. Using a trio of technologies including a True HEPA filter, MERV 7-8 rated pleated pre-filters, and the dual eradication power of a cold plasma generator and UVC bulbs with germicidal capabilities—the system is scientifically proven to destroy viruses and pathogens through repeated air cycle exposures and direct surface UVC light contact. It will also eliminate noxious odors from VOCs.

Suggested Model Based on Selections: AWS-4UA-OB-VHP

The Mars Guarantee

Backed by stringent testing, quality control protocols & certified by the toughest accrediting laboratories & agencies. Mars offers one of the most rigorous warranties available anywhere