Air Curtain Videos

Air Curtains 101 : How they work

Learn more about the Mars Air Systems engineered approach to energy and sanitation solutions for your building's environment...only from Mars.

Air Curtains That Sanitize

The Mars UVC®, Mars HEPAC® and Mars Air Wash™ air curtains will clean and disinfect your building openings and visitors. Learn more about the Mars Clean Air series and how it can provide the support your building interior needs.

Demonstrating Mars Air Curtain Protecting Exterior Openings

Mars air curtains increase energy efficiency by insulating and separating building interiors from the exterior elements when doors are open. Mars repels outside wind and unwanted pathogens and debris, including viruses. The computational fluid dynamics analysis clearly illustrates exterior air penetrating the interior of the structure without a Mars air curtain . This second analysis demonstrates the barrier-free protection Mars air curtains provide to keep exterior air from infiltrating... leaving interior climatized air protected from dust, debris and flying insects and keeping the untreated outside air. Specialized Mars UVC® , Mars HEPAC® and Mars Air Wash units are also engineered to sanitize your building openings.

Cold Storage Curtains

You know Mars protects building openings...did you also know that Mars provides specialized support for cold storage? Our air curtains prevent the exchange of warm, humid air from entering a refrigerated space and keep cold air from escaping when doors are matter how long they stay open! And with Mars at the entrance, fogging, condensation and icing build up is reduced...all while you lower your energy spend.

Air Curtains for Restaurants

Mars provides sanitation support, energy savings, and customer comfort through the foodservice setting -- from the customer front entrance, to the receiving door, to the patio entrance, to the pass-thru window, at the lavatory (with specialized sanitizing units) to the safety realized at the walk-in cooler.

Solve Warewashing Challenges

Do you have challenges in your high volume foodservice operation? Do you need quick turnaround of trays and dishware? Are you forced to carry excessive inventory for peak demands? Is the warewashing unit drying tunnel too expensive and absorbing key floor space? Mars QuickDry™ will help. Compatible with any flight-type dishwasher, Mars bolt-on design takes no space ... never interferes with operations... and is 1/10th the cost of a heated drying tunnel and uses ten times less energy. Make your operation efficient ... high-volume ready ... and keep profits moving.

Cortinas de Aire Para Restaurantes

En todo el entorno de servicio de alimentos, Mars brinda protección, saneamiento amplificado, control de olores y mayor comodidad en la puerta de recepción, la unidad de lavado de vajilla, la caja de almacenamiento en frío, la ventana de paso, el baño, la entrada al patio y la entrada principal del cliente. Mars protege sin barreras.

Sistemas De Aire Mars

¿Su edificio funciona para mantener a los ocupantes seguros y limpios... mientras ahorra energía? Las cortinas de aire Mars aumentan la eficiencia energética al aislar y separar los elementos interiores de los exteriores cuando las puertas están abiertas. Mars repele el viento exterior y los patógenos y desechos no deseados, incluidos los virus. Y ahora, con tecnología UV y filtros True HEPA, las cortinas de aire Mars están diseñadas para desinfectar las aberturas de su edificio. Mars trabaja duro para que su edificio no tenga que hacerlo.

How Do I Choose an Air Curtain?

We know picking the right air curtain can be overwheling. So we created a tool to make it easy.