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    Air Curtains For Transportation & Terminals

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    Transportation hubs by their nature are full of vehicle exhaust, fumes and fossil fuel emissions – a wafting mix of smelly, toxic annoyances. 

    And large square footage complexes require costly quantities of climate-stabilizing energy – whether to heat or cool. In fact, HVAC ventilation systems are suspected of gobbling up to 50% of a hub’s energy spend. With high levels of odorous ultrafine particles, unrelenting emissions from multiple types of vehicles, and a continual stream of travelers entering and exiting large-opening entryways 24/7, smart facility managers deploy the power of Mars for control:

    • Reduce energy spend with Mars invisible barrier of protective air for any size opening
    • Create intra-facility separations using Mars invisible shield of air
    • Gain advantage using a solution effective in both industrial areas as well as customer-facing facilities 
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    Mars protects transportation hubs from wafting emissions and noxious fumes.
    No matter the scale of the facility, there’s a Mars unit capable of protecting it.

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    How Transportation & Vehicle Terminals Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Sized for Large Wide Openings
      Save $$ & Reduce Energy Spend
      Shield Fumes & Fossil Fuel Emissions
      Excellent ROI
      Comfortable Interiors ↑ Productivity

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