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    Air Curtains To Support HVACR

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    HVACR systems take a big chunk of the budget at purchase and continue to demand their share of the operating budget for maintenance. 

    Your ability to control facility and cold box temperatures consistently goes a long way to give guests comfort and keep workers productive while doing the lion’s share of work to tamp down energy spend. Mars protects the compressor from overwork and early replacement by managing the environmental conditions that force systems to work harder and longer. Look to Mars for help:

    • Lessen the burden on your costly HVACR equipment while diminishing dust, dirt and debris
    • Lower utility bills by maintaining indoor climate conditions and keeping flying pests from entering
    • Protect goods from damage resulting from temperature fluctuations
    • Deliver differing cold box temperatures to separate areas
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    Without Mars support, HVACR equipment works harder and is more costly.
    Mars units protect from condensation and icing.

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    How HVACR Systems Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Stabilize Cold Temps
      Reduce Energy Spend & Save $$
      Clear Access & Visibility +
      No Plastic Strips
      Stops Pooling Water &
      Lengthen HVAC Lifespan
      Relieve Compressors of Heavy Lifting