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    Air Curtains For Manufacturing & Distribution

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    Industrial spaces are voluminous and full of inherent challenges.

    High ceilings, large entry ways and repeated openings make it difficult to control expensive climatized air, produce consistent comfort for workers, and invite unwanted dirt, dust and flying pests – conditions that adversely impact goods and productivity. Sanitary and comfortable conditions are a must. Mars provides whole facility solutions for every opening to:

    • Provide an invisible shield that eliminates the need for dirty, bacteria-laden, visibility-reducing plastic strips
    • Establish durable, consistent sanitary shield protection
    • Reduce energy spend by maintaining indoor climate conditions
    • Protect goods from damage resulting from dust, temperature fluctuations and flying pest
    • Separate spaces that need differing conditions, including cold box temperature stabilizing to reduce HVACR burdens

    The leading provider for the most complex manufacturing/distribution, trust Mars and our expanded accessory line for the most rigorous support.

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    Even Mars large industrial units are quick to install and become tireless workers.
    Mars Windstopping and Wind Guard units offer heavy industrial protection.

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    How Manufacturing & Distribution Facilities Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Climate Control =
      Stop Flying Pests =
      Protect Goods & Equipment
      Save $$ & Reduce Energy Spend
      Clear Access & Visibility +
      No Plastic Strips
      Stops Pooling Water &
      Heated Units = Comfort

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