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Mars Air Curtains: The Key to Sanitized Air

Admin on February 05, 2024

Every business deserves to have a clean and balanced atmosphere, benefitting team members and guests alike. Whether you manage a vast warehouse or a small, quick-serve restaurant, safeguarding your space from pollutants and flying pests is essential. Let’s explore the ample advantages of air curtains as the ideal solution for ensuring sanitized air, and learn about their diverse applications across a multitude of industries.

What Are Air Curtains?

An air curtain is a device that generates  a strong stream of air to create an invisible barrier, providing several benefits in both retail and commercial settings. This technology offers a range of advantages for operational efficiency and occupant comfort in a variety of spaces. By effectively separating interior and exterior air, air curtains contribute to reducing  heating and cooling costs by containing  conditioned air within the building. Additionally, they act as a barrier against contaminants such as dust, dirt, fumes, and flying insects, maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment. Operating by emitting a strong airflow, air curtains offer obstruction-free protection without impeding pedestrian or equipment traffic. Mars provides specialized units with features like UVC lamps and True HEPA filters for enhanced sanitation in commercial spaces.

The implementation of air curtains helps optimize HVAC system efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and extending equipment lifespan. Workers and visitors experience enhanced comfort as air curtains shield the indoor environment from external disruptions.Moreover, air curtains align with sustainability goals by minimizing energy waste and promoting healthier working environments. Mars offers specialized units with features like UVC for germicidal protection and odor control (from Volatile Organic Compounds), as well as True HEPA filters, for enhancing sanitation within commercial environments. In summary, air curtains provide a comprehensive solution for a multitude of spaces, addressing operational challenges while prioritizing energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and occupant well-being.

How Are Air Curtains Beneficial?

Benefits of Mars Air curtains are many, but one of note is the extension of the HVAC equipment’s life cycle, achieved by relieving the system of excessive on/off cycling. This not only reduces maintenance requirements, but also enhances the overall longevity of the equipment. Acting as a valuable companion to air conditioners, air curtains create a more controlled internal environment by preventing the infiltration of exterior air, including humidity, heat, and other undesirable elements. This aids air conditioners in performing optimally, providing occupants with a comfortable and productive workspace.

Beyond energy efficiency, air curtains serve as a barrier against unwanted exterior conditions, including unconditioned air, flying pests, dirt, noxious odors, and other factors that can compromise indoor comfort. In essence, Mars air curtains emerge as an integrated solution, not only optimizing energy efficiency and reducing operational costs, but also ensuring a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable indoor environment. The benefits of air curtains span from increased equipment lifespan to enhanced productivity, making them a valuable investment for businesses seeking sustainable and efficient climate control solutions.

Versatile Applications of Air Curtains Across Various Industries

Mars air curtains play a crucial role in various industries, providing effective solutions for different needs. Across diverse sectors, Mars air curtains are employed to enhance operational efficiency, maintain optimal conditions, and prioritize health and safety.

Food Service Industry:

Mars air curtains are instrumental in supporting food service operations at various points, including the front door, receiving door, pass-through window, patio, refuse area, and cold storage/freezer doors. With a focus on creating a comfortable environment for diners and adhering to health department mandates, Mars offers air curtains that utilize Mars UVC® technology. This technology boasts a 99.99%-100% germicidal kill rate, effectively eradicating pathogens and reducing VOC odors. The superior sanitation provided by Mars UVC® ensures a hygienic dining experience. Additionally, flying pests are completely eliminated thanks to the invisible barrier provided by air curtain technology. Carrying over 140 pathogens, insects such as flies and mosquitos pose an imminent threat to both team members and guests. By creating a powerful stream of air at every opening, air curtains can help prevent these pests from entering any food-service space, contributing to a more hygienic and pleasant indoor environment.

Cold Storage and Refrigeration:

Mars air curtains are employed in cold storage units to address specific challenges. These air curtains help reduce condensation and icing, contributing to an extended lifespan of evaporators. Furthermore, they eliminate slippery floors caused by moisture, enhancing safety in these environments. By supporting optimal performance of cold storage units, Mars air curtains contribute to maintaining the integrity of stored goods and improving overall operational efficiency. Moreover, Mars air curtains outfitted with UVC technology have been field tested for their efficiency in cold storage applications. Recently, Mars Air spearheaded an experiment that was featured in AMCA’s In Motion Magazine, which showcased the effectiveness of Maintaining Indoor-Air Quality with Air Curtainsa UVC-equipped air curtain by placing petri-dishes inside a restaurant cooler to compare pathogen growth over a period of 7-14 days - half with the UV on, and half with it off. The test results were favorable, and indicated that a UV-equipped air curtain can serve as a viable sanitization device, especially in cold storage applications where a condenser is present, greatly reducing the growth and spread of airborne pathogens.


Transportation hubs are bustling with nonstop activity and teeming with constant threats to a clean atmosphere, in the form of toxic annoyances such as vehicle exhaust, noxious fumes, and fossil fuel emissions. Such busy spaces greatly benefit from Mars air curtains, which effortlessly create an engineered stream of air, forming a protective shield at doorway entrances. This separation is crucial for protecting both guests and workers from unpleasant pollutants that permeate the air, since maintaining a clean and energy-efficient environment in spaces such as airports and train stations, is paramount.

Transportation hubs are also often characterized by large square footage, and grapple with substantial energy costs for temperature control. Their HVAC systems, notorious for their significant energy consumption and exposure to odorous ultrafine particles, constantly contend with emissions from numerous vehicles and a continuous flow of travelers. Mars Air curtains provide a strategic solution, providing an invisible barrier that not only aids in energy conservation by containing and protecting climatized air, but also acts as a shield against pollutants, enhancing sanitation and creating effective separations within the facility.

Hospitals and Healthcare Spaces

In the realm of healthcare spaces and hospitals, where the consequences of disease-causing bacteria and pathogens are severe, Mars air curtains provide a reliable solution in protecting the most vulnerable individuals. Powered by advanced sanitation and filtration technology, Mars offers a holistic solution to tackle healthcare challenges and mitigate airborne threats, all while increasing safety and sanitation in health-centered facilities, especially during peak seasons of airborne illnesses.

The Mars UVC® technology, with its industry-leading germicidal capabilities, ensures a 99.99%-100% surface kill rate, offering a high level of protection against contaminants. Additionally, the Mars HEPAC® technology contributes to proven sanitation and security by filtering out 99.97% of microscopic pollutants.

Mars Offers Air Curtains for Any Application and Need

Mars Air is proud to offer a diverse range of air curtain models, strategically designed to cater to a wide array of applications and specific needs across various industries. The versatility of Mars air curtains is evident in their ability to address challenges faced by businesses in different sectors. In summary, Mars demonstrates a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of industries such as restaurant and foodservice, high-tech assembly and manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and refrigeration/cold storage through a range of specialized air curtain solutions tailored to each sector’s unique challenges.

If you’re ready to protect your atmosphere and significantly reduce energy spend, call us today - Mars Air is ready to transform your space into a clean, safe, and efficient environment.