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Outdoor Air Curtains for Bars | Keep Bugs Out of Bars

Admin on July 24, 2023

The hospitality industry is a tough business. Profit margins must be managed, food and liquor costs must be closely monitored, slips and falls are expensive events, staffing can be an ongoing challenge, and sanitation concerns are daily considerations. The bar manager must manage indoor air quality, control flying pests, and make sure dark, damp conditions and moisture don't lead to microbial growth that impairs the air quality. Air curtains support the bar operator or bar manager to manage and remove several operational concerns that reduce profitability, disrupt operations or reduce patron satisfaction.

Air Curtains Help Bar Managers Control Flying Pests

Flying pests are non-negotiable in hospitality. They annoy everyone, they multiply quickly, they infect the food and drinks, and they make everything look dirty. Unfortunately, the bar is very attractive to flying pests, especially fruit flies. Sticky juices, sugary syrups, open sliced fruit - all ubiquitous in the bar setting attract fruit flies that can lay 500 eggs at a time. Then these eggs can hatch in as little as 7 days. And house flies remain a constant challenge as they are also attracted to the aromas from the operation.

Operators do have a means of control using air curtains:

  • Air curtains at the bar receiving door stop flying pests from entering, and units with UVC bulbs can help with odor control from refuse
  • Air curtains at the customer entry can help deflect flying pests from entering so that doors can linger open without inviting insects
  • Air curtains keep out air that has not been treated (and would therefore be too hot or too cold depending on season)

Air curtains are also a replacement for vestibules per ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2019 so that needed square footage isn't lost to a vestibule. And, the construction costs associated with vestibules, can be up to $10,000.

Sugar in alcohol
PHOTO CAPTION: Sugar in alcohol, sticky syrups, cut and open fruit, and bar food with sweet sauces are all the most attractive dining products for flying pests. You can protect your indoor setting with air curtains at your openings.

Air Curtains Dry Wet Floors to Help Eliminate Accidents

Slips and falls are the most common commercial building and bar/nightclub accident. Aside from clutter, moisture on the floor is the typical culprit. The average worker's compensation pay out cost is $20,000 per incident which can be a serious disruption to the operation and a deep financial hit.

Air curtains at doorways can solve moisture issues due to weather conditions. And heated air curtains can not only protect entryways but can keep colder, windy and rain- or snow-soaked air at bay and remove the cold drafts an entry door can produce.

ventilation crowded bar
PHOTO CAPTION: Ventilation is always an issue in a crowed bar, lounge or nightclub and yet indoor air quality matters today more than ever. Help your HVAC system work more efficiently and cost-effectively with air curtains at the entry points.

Air Curtains Improve Indoor Air Quality

Condensation, water, and dampness has to be controlled so that moisture-driven growths cannot develop. Moisture, humidity, ventilation issues, and temperature are all accelerants to the growth of mold and microbial fungi. These moisture-driven growths are known health hazards for your staff and customers. Air curtains can assist with drying moisture and maintain desired indoor air temperatures. Air curtains are an integral feature of any IAQ management plan.

Air Curtains Provide Thermal Control of Indoor Temperatures

With air curtain protection and control at entry points, interior air is protected from exterior air entering the space. This allows the treatment of interior air to remain at a consistent temperature without bursts of hot air or cold air coming from outside. Guests and staff are more comfortable with consistent temperatures and productivity isn't impaired with discomfort from temperature changes (studies prove the disruption to productivity from shifting temperatures).

Air Curtains Stabilize Temperatures at the Cold Storage/Walk-In

The bar/nightclub walk-in cold storage needs to be maintained at a consistent temperature. It is less costly for the operator and keeps products at a stable preferred temperature. Food products realize a longer shelf-life when temperatures do not fluctuate. Your energy spend doesn't escalate with the kinds of fluctuations that loading the walk-in can trigger when an air curtain isn't on duty protecting the entry point. So many benefits to cold storage come from a single air curtain at the door.

Closing Thoughts

To learn more about how air curtains are helpful to the operations of your bar, lounge or nightclub, check out the Air Curtains 101 page. To make air curtain choice easier and aligned to your application need (front entrance, receiving door, pass-thru window, cold storage, etc) space, use the Mars Product Selector for expert guidance through the selection process. And, of course, whenever you need more help or information, contact us today.