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4 Advantages of Installing an Industrial Heat Curtain for Door

Admin on October 17, 2023

As the winter months approach, it’s critical to revamp heating options in industrial facilities to ensure that workers and customers remain comfortable inside. There must be a quick inspection process of the facilities, such as checking for leaks around windows to ensure no cold air seeps through.

However, in warehouses, factories, or other industrial buildings of comparable size, large industrial doors remain open for long periods in order to load and unload trucks. During this time, warm air that can cost a hefty amount to produce leaks out, putting pressure on HVAC systems to work harder, which causes them to wear out faster. 

To improve the temperature indoors, consider installing an industrial heat curtain for doors and openings. We’ll go over four advantages to installing heat curtains to understand how both small and large workplaces can reap the benefits.

1. Reduces Heating Costs

In any environment, heat stratifies, floating towards the ceiling. A facility may be spending thousands of dollars to heat the interior, only for the heat to be located at a section where none of the workers are located. 

When you install an industrial heat curtain for doors, the air curtain pushes the air down and helps it circulate so that the entire room stays heated. This also reduces heating costs because it prevents the warm air from escaping. This puts less pressure on the HVAC so it lasts the lifetime of the model.

2. Keeps Cold Air Out

An industrial heat curtain for doors creates an invisible barrier between the interior and exterior of a facility. When an industrial door has to be open for hours at a time, the air pushes down in such a way that the cold air remains outside.

This protects industrial workers from cold-related injuries such as hypothermia, frostbite, or trench foot, which can come from exposure to extreme cold temperatures without the proper clothing and PPC.

3. Creates Sanitation Barriers 

For foodservice industries in particular, it’s imperative to keep facilities sanitized to prevent contamination from pests including flies and mosquitoes. Flies transmit diseases dangerous to humans. A study found that after 5 minutes of exposure, flies carrying E. coli left high amounts of bacteria on uncovered food.

An industrial heat curtain for doors can solve this problem. The air pushing directly down on the opening prevents flies, dust, gas, and other types of debris from entering the facility. This keeps the area sanitized, improving the air quality inside and preventing insects from flying inside and spreading disease.

Air Curtain Sanitation Success Story: Central Market York

The Central Market York in York, Pennsylvania resided in a structure that was over 100 years old, and constantly had visitors and food shoppers coming in and out. But it lacked the capability to protect the fresh food inside from flying pests.

To solve the problem, Mars Air’s Standard Series Air Curtains were installed over entrances to create a sanitation barrier. Now, customers can shop without irritating pests and uncomfortable climate fluctuations, since due to the optional heating elements of the air curtain, the temperature stays warm indoors even in the freezing Pennsylvania winters.

4. Secures Climate Control for Busy Facilities

Whenever a facility has doors that frequently open and close, it can be difficult to maintain a steady internal temperature. A heat curtain for doors helps maintain the temperature set by the HVAC, so the people inside can control the thermostat for what’s most comfortable during their working hours.

Climate control can also affect productivity. Cornell University researchers discovered that when temperatures were below 68 degrees, employees made 44% more errors and were half as productive than when it was warmer. Maintaining a comfortable temperature indoors ensures that employees can make the most of their time at work.

Contact Mars Air to Install Heat Curtains for Doors in Your Facility

Mars Air offers a wide variety of air curtains with optional heat features to maintain ideal temperatures indoors during the cold winter months. A few of our popular heated series include the following:

  • Standard 2 (STD2) Air Curtains: Our popular energy-saving series for industrial applications with a ½ horsepower power motor and 10 ft. installation height.
  • LoPro 2 (LPV2) Air Curtains: A sleek, quiet model with optional heating, perfect for customer-facing commercial installations.
  • High Velocity 2 (HV2) Air Curtains: A model excellent for industrial applications, featuring ​​1 horsepower motor(s) that protects openings with significant wind loads up to 12 ft. high.

At Mars Air, there’s an optimal option for every building. To match the best heat curtain to your facility, call a Mars Air sales rep today.