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Uses of Commercial Air Curtains in Transportation and Vehicle Terminals

Admin on October 31, 2023

Transportation and vehicle terminals are the definition of busy. With people coming and going constantly, and vehicles arriving and departing with passengers or cargo, doors remain open for a substantial amount of time. This compromises the environment of the facility inside. 

Exhaust and other fumes can enter indoor spaces, decreasing the air quality and making it uncomfortable to breathe. Flying pests such as flies or mosquitoes can come through and cause disruption, or even worse, spread disease. Temperature control can be difficult to maintain, and all of that precious cooled or warm air flies straight out the door.

The best way to prevent these conditions and improve the livelihood of people visiting or working in transportation and vehicle terminals is through the implementation of commercial air curtains.

Problem Solved: The Benefits of a Commercial Air Curtain

A commercial air curtain can be installed above doorways, garage openings, or any type of entry. Whenever the door is open, it blows a stream of air in front of the opening. This creates an invisible barrier between the outdoors and the inside of the building. While it may be invisible, the air provides a layer of insulation. 

The commercial air curtain prevents fumes and noxious gasses from entering the building, guaranteeing improved air quality. It also repels flying insects, making the inside a more enjoyable and safer space. Lastly, it improves the life cycle of an HVAC system. Because the heated or air-conditioned air stays inside the building, the HVAC doesn’t have to run as often. This ensures that the HVAC lasts longer, and saves on costs due to lower energy usage.

Another typical problem for transportation and vehicle terminals is that customer-facing areas need to be kept pristine, compared to the manufacturing conditions of receiving areas. A commercial curtain placed above the entrance between the two areas ensures customers won’t smell any fumes or gasses from the other parts of the building.

Commercial Air Curtain Solutions from Mars Air

Mars Air is a proudly American company that offers precision-engineered products. We have commercial air curtain solutions for all different types of doors and openings that are found in transportation and vehicle terminals. We’ve outlined some of our top options below. Of course, if anyone needs further assistance, our helpful sales reps are available to answer any questions.

Entry and Receiving Door or Pass-Thru Windows

For entry and small receiving doors or pass-thru windows, we recommend our LoPro 2 (LPV2) Air Curtain series. This sleek, quiet solution is perfect for customer-facing commercial air curtain installations, and you can turn the speed of the column of air either up or down to meet your needs. It can be mounted at heights of 7-8 feet and offers variable speed control. With several heated options and an ultra-low noise output, it’s almost unnoticeable to any passerby.

If you need an option for a higher door, then the Standard 2 may be a better match. A commercial and industrial hybrid, it has a mounting height of 10-12 ft. The most popular energy-saving series, it’s available with ETL Sanitation Certified and heated versions.

Specialty Entry and Receiving Doors

The Phantom commercial air curtain series was made for entry doors. There’s no headroom requirement and the air curtain has bottom access for easy servicing. With a mounting height of 10-16 ft, this unit is the perfect choice for anyone who wants the air curtain to blend in with the building’s aesthetic.

Another option is the QuietPro™ series, which boasts half the perceived noise output of traditional air curtains. With a contemporary elliptical shape, this commercial air curtain elevates the room that it’s in.

Large Dock Doors

For large openings, you need large solutions. The Wind Stopping series (divided into Wind Stopping 14 and Wind Stopping 16) features 2-7 horsepower motors that repel wind gusts at upwards of 15 MPH. This commercial air curtain has a mounting height of 14-20 feet and comes in heated varieties.

Don’t See What You Need? Call Mars Air Today!

Mars Air offers a wide variety of commercial air curtains for multiple industries. Call us today so we can help you purchase the perfect options for your building’s unique needs.