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How to Find A Quiet Air Curtain

Admin on September 20, 2023

Air curtains work as an invisible barrier between a building and the outside world. Installed above doorways and entryways, air curtains shoot a blast of air straight down to keep either cool or warm air inside, prevent flying pests from entering the building, and ensure that fumes and other irritants don’t affect the indoor air quality.

When installed, air curtains help a building remain more energy efficient by regulating temperature and keeping the people working inside more comfortable. One small downside to certain air curtains is that some models can at times be noisy, contributing to noise pollution.

The EPA defines noise pollution as “unwanted or disturbing sound.” Adverse background noise can have a severe effect on a person’s health, contributing to stress, hearing loss, and reduced productivity. The good news is there are great quiet air curtain options available from Mars Air, which will help alleviate these side effects.

We’ll discuss more about how noise affects employees, why air curtains can become noisy over time, and how to find a quiet air curtain to silence irritating noise.

The Benefits of Noise-Free Environments

Noise can be a huge distraction in a communal environment like a hotel, office, or commercial space. Anyone in an office can have a hard time focusing on their tasks, making their day less productive because of the interrupting noise. 

According to a study by Interface on workplace acoustics, 69% of office workers throughout the US, UK, and Australia stated that noise negatively impacts their concentration levels,
productivity, and creativity.

Noise can be such a problem that to achieve WELL building design, the indoor environment for workers must have acoustic controllability and policies designed to curb sound that causes discomfort. 

Noise-free environments are peaceful spaces where people can talk with one another without yelling, and focus on their tasks at hand. Promoting a noise-free environment with a silent air curtain ensures that it’s inclusive to all types of people.

Factors That Create Air Curtain Noise

Air curtains are a small machine. They have fans and motors, all of which run often, especially if you’re in a busy office space with lots of customers coming and going. The longer you own an air curtain, the noisier it will likely get. Dust accumulates in the motor, making it work harder than it did before to perform the same functions.

To help prevent an air curtain from becoming too noisy, clean the machine on a regular schedule. If any excessive noise eventually starts to bother occupants, schedule an air curtain cleaning or purchase a quiet air curtain from Mars Air instead.

How to Choose a Silent Air Curtain

1. Look for Noise Reduction Technology

Most air curtains run at a pretty low noise level, with the level of sound being comparable to a normally voiced conversation. But in many environments, that could be a concern. Noise reduction technology in air curtains can bring this down even lower.

For example, the Mars Air Quiet Pro series offers a sleek design and has only half the perceived sound output compared to a standard air curtain. This is due to the internal damping design system, which prevents the machine from vibrating and causing excessive noise.

Mars Air also offers noise-reduction packages that dampen sound to make enclosed areas more comfortable to work in. A mix of specialized coatings, custom internal configurations, and dampeners offers a sound level reduction of 2‐6 dBA on average.

2. Consider Noise Level Specifications

Some workplaces are just noisy. If you work in a warehouse versus a doctor’s waiting room, the level of acceptable noise will vary. But for larger air curtains for big facilities, the dBA output can increase to 70 or higher. 

However, these larger units are mostly intended to be used in industrial environments, where the need for quiet operation isn’t as essential. They’re also made to be installed higher up, so that the sound can scatter and it won’t be distracting to people working inside. 

3. Consult a Mars Sales Rep

Before purchasing your quiet air curtain, chat with your local Mars sales rep to see if the one that you’re looking at will meet your expectations. They’ll be able to walk you through the needs of your office or building and match you with the proper air curtain based on noise level needs.

Purchase a QuietPro Air Curtain from Mars Air

If you’re looking for a silent air curtain, then consider the QuietPro Air Curtain from Mars Air. These air curtains boast half the perceived noise output of traditional air curtains, via an internal dampening design and anti-vibration technology.

Plus, they feature a modern elliptical design that looks great in settings such as professional offices, supermarkets, patio dining, restaurant entry doors and hospital lobbies. To learn more about the QuietPro and other air curtains that could cut down the sound in your building, contact a sales rep from Mars Air today.