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    Air Doors Provide Precision Controlled Environments

    Biotech Manufacturing Protection


    Biotech manufacturing must be undertaken in a precision-controlled environment constructed and operated to support high product yield and high-value products. Larger pharmaceutical and biotech companies continually seek out manufacturing strategies to realize higher impact operations to both protect their product from contamination and realize optimal profitability. Amid a highly regulated environment, Genentech operates the world’s largest biotechnology manufacturing plant producing pharmaceutical proteins from mammalian cells in compliance with the most stringent FDA protocols. Set on a sprawling 100-acre lot, the Vacaville, California facility hosts two cell culture plants with more than 427,000 square feet of space dedicated to manufacturing, maintenance, laboratories, administration offices and warehousing. Regulations are stringent, industry standards demand excellence and strong corporate values focused on integrity suggest a strong corporate partner like Mars Air Systems and their reknown air door.

    The Solution

    With over 24 Mars Air Systems ETL Sanitation Certified air curtain door units, ranging in size from 36 ft to 96 ft, now in place to provide protection across a complex of buildings, the Genentech facility enjoys the benefits of the Mars commercial air curtain defense against incursions of dust, dirt, flying pests and wind that would prove highly disruptive to the internal environment and derail operations. ETL-certified products are those that have undergone rigorous testing by the independent third-party testing organization, ETL Intertek, a national testing laboratory recognized by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration. ETL tests to the standards of UL, ANSI, CSA, ASTM and NFPA. Now this facility that is part of the company Fortune recognizes as one of the Top 100 companies to work for, can operate their Vacaville facility with the security of protection across the building complex at every exterior door opening.

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    When you control the processing and shipping of more than 1 billion packages a year through more than 150 fulfillment and sortation centers, those vast working spaces need to be consistently clean and comfortable despite dozens of wide openings for plenty of people and equipment to pass through 24 hours a day. One Amazon center is so large it’s the size of 28 football fields...combined. These facilities are known to have realized internal temps over 90°F which is a common challenge of large, cavernous spaces. And, while goods move in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible, employees are long-time guests who deal with the air quality and temperature constraints for hours each work day, year after year. Industrial facility managers need consistent durable solutions customized for their unique climate and constraints. Amazon’s industrial facility managers called in the titan of tough. Across the U.S., the Mars air curtain now stands guard at Amazon fulfillment and sortation facilities and manages their many large dock doors as they safeguard against air transfer and pollutant infiltration while keeping passages free and clear from obstructions that lead to accidents.



    When you command roughly 34% of the overall strawberry market share in the U.S., the breeding of fruit is a bit of art and a lot of science. And, that science must be done in a lab with stringent protocols and rigorous standards for consistent and validated outcomes. To reveal accurate data, the lab needs to be free of dust, contaminants and also absent strains of spores which are not under examination. At Driscoll’s, the lab leadership realized the entry and exit of staff to and from the lab was the likely conduit by which airborne environmental contaminants would enter. They chose the power of Mars’ focused stream of air to expel debris from the body and clothing of their scientists and workers and become a tucked-away solution that doesn’t impede views or quick lab access. Now for Driscoll’s, having a Mars air curtain unit resting comfortably above the lab entry provides quiet support to both workers and seedlings.



    The outcome of manufacturing is its best when the environment is highly controlled. Regulating the environment must include the ability to normalize temperature and block dust and debris from precision operations. Kwikset was no different. As one of the industry leaders in home safety, credited with pioneering the tubular lock design, and hosts to multiple US-based manufacturing facilities, Kwikset knew the value they could realize by controlling the atmosphere. The Kwikset team turned to Mars to produce the heated air curtains they knew would be essential to ride herd over their shipping and receiving dock doors at their California facility and achieved the result they intended.



    One landmark brand deserves another. When Perry’s, producers of 13 million gallons of ice cream annually and a New York institution operated by fourth generation family members, recognized the need to secure their high-volume food processing plant, the kingpin of air movement moved in to give aid. With assembly lines working both day and night, a process that involves slowly making a batch at a time, and 99 years of commitment to putting “enough of the good stuff” in their products, providing a sanitary, airborne contaminant-free environment to produce over 500 different items isn’t just a sweet idea, it’s an essential way of doing business. Mars is the helpful control freak when food manufacturers and those who make precision commercial products need assurance that their plants are free from the flying insects, airborne contaminants, and moisture issues that impact their product quality and staff safety. Using a cluster of Mars Air Systems WindGuard units across their bank of dock doors, the Akron, New York based plant and its over 300 staff members know that the best air management controls are standing guard so they can focus on flavor innovations and distribution.