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    Air Curtains For Pest Control

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    When you restore an historically important venue that once played host to luminaries like Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, and Duke install premium products to ensure you deliver a setting that pays due homage to its storied past. Set in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood, the club is smack dab in a tropical monsoon climate with long hot and humid summers and warm winters where temperatures will rise to an average high of over 90.9°F in July. Such a convergence of climatic variables result in what experts suggest is mosquito season year ‘round. It’s also a haven for an abundance of other insects -- reportedly numbering around 373.

    For the site’s new owners Bill Fuller and Zack and Ben Bush, installation of a dozen of Mars Air Systems air curtains was their only choice when they were told by trusted allies, “gotta go with Mars”.

    The Solution

    Renovations at the club included the installation of an expanse of bi-fold doors that now give patrons access to the garden area. A second larger 50-foot stretch of accordion doors was installed to invite foot traffic and passersby on 8th Street and obliterate the separation between indoors and out. Such welcoming openings augment the ambiance but also invite in hot humid air and serve as a welcome mat for flying pests that can bring contaminants and annoyance.

    Savvy specifiers secured the openings with a blockade of protection using the Mars Standard series unheated models. Known as a commercial and industrial hybrid, the Standard units feature a ½ hp motor and provide superior protection in heights up to 10 ft. Now secured is a lively indoors where music can be ongoing on two stages and Cuban tapas dishes are served to crowds of locals and the city’s thousands of annual tourists. Guests remain pest free while the owners have confidence that their utility spend is controlled and pest-borne illnesses from any number of flying insects are dramatically diminished.

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    When a popular sports bar in Downtown Overland Park, Kansas added a track-guided garage door and a series of fold-out windows along the second-floor dining area to open the space and bring the outdoors in, Johnson County health code regulations threatened to halt the experience- enhancing plans. Prohibitions again open exposure to flying pests in food prep and food serving areas were circumvented when Mars Air Systems was part of a rescue served up to meet regulatory requirements, amplify guest comfort, and cut utility bills. a cleverly designed exterior- mount solution provided a simple ledge to cradle the hard-working air curtain units while doing double duty as an architectural mullion. A painted custom-made protective covering was then placed around the units to shield them from the often harsh Midwestern elements while blending in with the building and appearing to be part of an intentional facade. Now the threat of flies and mosquitos has been halted as the air curtains provide the proven invisible protective shield the health code demands. Able to operate continuously whenever the garage door or windows are open and provide trusted defense, patron experiences are also separated as any drifting cigar or cigarette smoke from guests on the patio is safeguarded from reaching inside diners.

    Camelback Ranch


    Camelback Ranch Stadium — home turf to two Arizona League teams and spring break host to the Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox — sits amid 141 acres with 5,000 plants and trees that invite flying pests of every kind. Add to that a fully-stocked lake to attract pests that like standing water and frequent dust storms and its clear why the powerful Mars air curtain units were on demand across the expanse of every concession stand. With the installation of a bundle of Mars units, including those at the main kitchen receiving doors and the large stretch of opening at the White Sox training kitchen, the result is an effective embargo on flying pests, bad air, and dust in the food at this important facility that shares baseball love. Now 118,000+ sq ft of clubhouse space, 13 full baseball fields, three half-fields, and the up to 13,000 daily guests enjoy a shield of protection from unpredictable Arizona desert haboob dust storms and uninvited pests.

    US Bank Stadium


    When you bring in the world’s top entertainment venue designers to build an iconic sports facility valued at $1.1B, filling the 1.75M sq ft structure with premium equipment that performs with the latest technology is the name of the game. U.S. Bank Stadium, home to the Minnesota Vikings football franchise, is big, bold and best-in-breed. With entry doors that serve as the daily gateway for tens of thousands, they needed the most technologically advanced way to thwart flying pests and keep climatized air inside and harsh winds outside. Now with 25 sizable Mars air curtains, fans experience a halo of heated air during Minnesota winters and an invisible protective barrier from dust and pests year ‘round. Down below, the dock doors that service a facility with over 430 food points of sale, have their own protection with a cluster of Mars industrial air curtains designed for environments that need heavy-duty brawn.

    In-N-OutPanda ExpressFive Guys


    While a Health Department code may prescribe air curtains to create cleaner, pest-free food prep areas, the real mandate comes from patrons. Creating a pest-free space with evenly distributed conditioned air does more than give guests the impression of clean, it’s actually a building block to designing a truly hygienic venue. Food poisoning is directly linked to flies who carry pathogenic organisms that cause E. coli, salmonella and shingles and introduce other bacteria. Working hand in hand with the sanitation protocols you already have, Mars Air Systems’ air curtains above entry doors, pass through windows and back receiving doors becomes a silent sentry that seizes control to keep the uninvited out. And, we’ve been doing that for over 50 years for iconic hospitality brands such as Panda Express, In-N-Out Burger, Taco Bell, Subway, Olive Garden and growing up-and-comers like Smashburger and Five Guys Burgers. Whether it’s the need for a recessed unit that blends seamlessly in a well-defined décor vision, or defense against brutal weather conditions -- both hot and cold -- or the need for food storage areas to be vigorously defended Mars products have been the solution of choice for the most demanding operators world-wide.