Air Curtains For Air Management Solutions



You know your brand is iconic when names like John Philip Sousa, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain, Martin Luther King, Emily Dickinson and Gloria Swanson have all been part of your storied past. On the National Register of Historic Places, The Willard Intercontinental delivers historic charm starting with a lobby that even boasts the original front desk from the 1800’s. Lavish and elegant in its Beaux Arts style, the large reception area serves as a cue to guests that five-star service will be the norm. Situated a block from the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue, the setting hosts humid July temperatures averaging 80°F and January temps hitting an average low of 38°F, along with Nor’easters and occasional blizzards. For a hotel of such notable grandeur, providing a consistently temperate lobby is paramount to the unveiling of a high-touch IHG hotel experience.

The Solution

Mars Air Systems has its own reputation for creating air management solutions that help communicate quiet luxury and comfort for guests. For the Willard, this meant installing several Mars units at their dramatic entry way where bellman stand waiting to deliver premium care. To fold-in with the aesthetic, the units were bronze-coated to coordinate with the bank of entry doors and compliment the well-appointed interior. Now guests are protected from sticky heat or frigid air riding on blustery winds as the Mars units provide an invisible wall of protective air flow. Flying pests and debris are also delivered a no vacancy sign with the Mars units on guard to prohibit their entry.




Air travel is the most energy-intensive and polluting mode of transportation. Expansive airport complexes require voluminous quantities of climate-stabilizing energy. Exhaust gas from aircraft puts high levels of odorous, ultrafine particles into the air and saddles highly-trafficked airports like Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Newark Liberty International Airport with an unholy trifecta of problems: odorous aircraft emissions, unrelenting vehicular emissions, and millions of travelers constantly entering and exiting expansive entryways. When daunting circumstances threaten the comfort of visitors and take your energy spend into the stratosphere, call in the titan of tough. Using a series of 29 units in Newark Liberty International and 32 units at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International over expansive commercial doors, airport administrators can now separate exhaust fumes from the newly-arrived visitors in baggage claim and dramatically ramp up operational performance of their facilities. They earn their welcome at any airport.


When you bring in the world's top entertainment venue designers to build an iconic sports facility valued at $1.1B, filling the 1.75M sq ft structure with premium equipment that performs with the latest technology is the name of the game.U.S. Bank Stadium – home to the Minnesota Vikings football franchise – is big, bold, and best-in-breed. With entry doors that serve as the gateway for tens of thousands daily, they needed the most technologically-advanced way to thwart flying pests and keep climatized air inside and harsh winds outside. Now with 25 sizable Mars air curtains, fans experience a halo of heated air during Minnesota winters and an invisible protective barrier from dust and pests year–round. Down below, the dock doors that service a the facility's over 430 food points of sale, have their own protection with a cluster of Mars industrial air curtains, designed for environments that need heavy-duty brawn.


Being asked to partner with what may be the most beloved American treasure is a big responsibility. It means helping to create a special experience for the more than four million tourists (Americans and foreign visitors) who visit the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island every year. While studies consistently affirm that consumer buying intention increases with warmth (Journal of Consumer Psychology), the prevailing winds off the Atlantic created an ongoing chill at this national monument, causing discomfort for gift shop visitors. But when four of Mars Air Systems’ electric-heated air curtains were installed to form an invisible barrier to the wind gusts and contribute to a consistent temperature at the site’s gift shop, the entire interior space – (including entryways) -- was liberated from the wind and restored to profitable comfort.


When a popular sports bar in downtown Overland Park, Kansas added a track-guided garage door and a series of fold-out windows along the second-floor dining area to open the space and bring the outdoors in, Johnson County health code regulations threatened to halt the experience enhancing plans. Prohibitions against open exposure to flying pests in food prep and food serving areas were circumvented when Mars Air Systems formed the backbone of a solution to meet regulatory requirements, enhance guest comfort, and cut utility bills. A cleverly-designed exterior- mount solution worked double duty as an architectural mullion as well as a supportive ledge to cradle the hardworking air curtain units. A painted protective covering was then custom-made and placed around the units to shield them from the often harsh Midwestern elements, all while blending in with the building and appearing to be part of an intentional facade. Now the threat of flies and mosquitoes has been halted as the air curtains provide the proven invisible protective shield the health code demands. Able to operate continuously whenever the garage door or windows are open and still provide trusted defense, patron experiences are also protected as any drifting cigar or cigarette smoke from guests on the patio is prevented from reaching inside diners.