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    Air Curtains For Entertainment Venues

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    An entertainment venue’s sheer vast size holds thousands, includes a multitude of foodservice prep and vending stations, and forces owners & operators to create comfortable conditions that align with the quality of the entertainment and price of admission. The convergence of these challenges create conditions Mars is perfectly designed to support.

    The Mars units – industrial and foodservice -- are built to tackle the very challenges that are vexing in cavernous spaces:

    • Control expensive climatized air and energy spend by protecting the many expansive entryways no matter how long they stay open
    • Restrict flying pests, dust and debris (and even wind) from taking advantage of wide openings
    • Keep cold storage temperatures consistent and food-safe in the many walk-ins and freezer units
    • Keep workers and guests much more comfortable and conditions sanitary in foodservice prep and dining areas

    Entertainment Venue
    Large expansive walls of doors allow people but stop wind and debris with Mars units on duty.
    Entertainment Venue
    Every facility of every size is bettered with a Mars solution that protects from energy loss and the infiltration of dust & debris.

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    How Entertainment Venues Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Stop Flying Pests
      Protect Foodservice Ops
      Sized for Large Wide Openings
      Save $$ & Reduce Energy Spend
      ANSI/NSF & AMCA Certified
      Excellent ROI

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