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    Air Curtains for Educational Settings

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    When your educational institution has a cafeteria and multiple doorways – to receive both goods and students – you become the institution of choice for flying pests that carry more than 140 pathogens. 

    And, your already strained budget feels the weight that comes from heavily-used HVACR units that need more frequent maintenance and replacement as they plow through exorbitant volumes of energy. Facility managers need consistent, durable relief from the leading choice of primary and secondary educational institutions all over the world. Look to the international leadership of Mars to deliver knowledge-driven environmental solutions:

    • Proactively reduce energy spend with an invisible barrier of air at every entrance
    • See marked sanitation improvement with protection at the foodservice receiving door, pass-thru window, and student entrances
    • Ensure consistent cold storage temperatures with Mars at the entrance and realize longer shelf-life of costly foodservice products
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    Foodservice operations are more sanitary when Mars helps keep facilities clean.
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    Educational centers grapple with large groups of people and plenty of food wafting odors that attract swarms of flying insects.

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    How Education institutions Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Sized for Variety of Openings
      Continual Protection at Openings
      Save $$ & Reduce Energy Spend
      Clear Access & Visibility +
      No Plastic Strips
      Set & Forget Installation
      Zero Maintenance