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Air Curtains for Beginners: How Do They Work?

Admin on June 09, 2024

Ever wondered how an air curtain works? An air curtain, also known as an air door, is a device that creates a powerful and invisible air barrier over the entrance of a building, preventing outside air from coming in while keeping indoor air from going out. This stream of air works to offer consistent protection without the physical barrier of a door, making it an ideal solution for high-traffic areas.

What is an Air Curtain?

Air curtains are designed to provide a forceful stream of air that acts as a barrier over doorways and openings in both commercial and industrial settings. The benefits of installing an air curtain in your business include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Significantly reduces utility costs by keeping indoor air separate from outdoor air.
  • Environmental Control: Stops dust, dirt, fumes, and flying insects from entering, which is essential for maintaining a clean environment.
  • Reduced HVAC Load: Lessens the burden on heating and cooling systems, thus lowering maintenance costs and extending equipment life.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Creates a more consistent internal temperature, increasing comfort for both employees and customers.
  • Sustainability: Supports green building initiatives by reducing energy consumption and boosting operational efficiency.

What is the Purpose of an Air Curtain?

The primary purpose of an air curtain is to protect indoor spaces from external pollutants and unpredictable environmental conditions, all while maintaining a distinct internal atmosphere. It prevents the infiltration of unconditioned air, flying pests, noxious odors, and pollutants, thus safeguarding the interior and reducing the demand on HVAC systems.

How Do Air Curtains Work?

Air curtains function by producing a continuous flow of air across the width of an entrance. This air barrier is strong enough to counter external air currents and maintain interior climate control without obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Mars Air's specialized units include options for UVC and True HEPA filters, increasing sanitation by eliminating germs and capturing over 99.97% of microscopic pollutants.

What are Air Curtains Used For?

Air curtains find utility in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications:

  • Pest and Debris Control: Ideal for facilities that need to keep out flying pests and debris.
  • Energy Savings Helps in reducing energy costs by minimizing the air exchange through entrances.
  • Sanitary Spaces and “Clean Rooms”: Creates sterile environments necessary for healthcare facilities and biotech manufacturing plants.
  • Manufacturing and Storage: Useful in vast manufacturing areas and cold storage units to maintain required temperatures and cleanliness.
  • Diverse Applications: Supports various industry applications by ensuring controlled environments for precision work.

Do Air Curtains Save Energy?

Yes, air curtains are highly effective in energy conservation. By reducing the frequency at which HVAC systems operate, they lower energy consumption and operational costs significantly. Mars Air provides a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator on their website, helping businesses calculate potential savings and the quick payback period of their air curtain investment.

Is an Air Curtain an Air Conditioner?

While both systems manage air flow, an air curtain is not an air conditioner but a complement to it. It increases the effectiveness of air conditioners by preventing the influx of hot or humid air, thus improving overall cooling efficiency and reducing energy use.

How Much Do Air Curtains Cost?

The cost of an air curtain varies based on size, features, and specific requirements. Mars Air offers tools that help potential buyers choose the right model by considering the dimensions of the space and specific environmental factors. Rebates may also be available in some regions, enhancing the affordability of air curtains for businesses.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Air Curtains?

The primary advantages of employing air curtains are:

  • Operational Efficiency: Reduces the operational strain on HVAC systems.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Lowers utility bills through energy savings.
  • Improved Air Quality: Keeps out pollutants, odors, and flying pests, creating a healthier environment.
  • Increased Comfort and Productivity: Maintains stable indoor temperatures, boosting comfort and productivity.

How Do I Choose an Air Curtain?

Choosing the right air curtain involves understanding your specific needs, the size of the entrance, and the general conditions of your location. Mars Air provides a comprehensive consultation and online tools to assist in selecting the perfect air curtain for your business.


Air curtains represent a smart investment for any business looking to improve efficiency, enhance comfort, and promote long-term sustainability. To find out more about how Mars Air curtains can benefit your business, or to get a personalized recommendation, contact Mars Air today. By integrating air curtains into your business operations, you will improve the functionality and ambiance of your space, and contribute to broader environmental goals by significantly reducing energy consumption.