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    Air Curtains for Dock Doors and Material Handling

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    Material Handling challenges demand industrial-strength solutions. Forklifts and the myriad of doors —high speed, roll up, bi-parting, sliding, sectional, overhead and dock doors— all create complexity for the facilities manager.

    Safe passage for workers and equipment is paramount to keep productivity high, labor costs down, and thin margins from being eroded. Count on the Mars air curtain solution to:

    • Provide an invisible shield of air for consistent sanitary protection for materials handling operations
    • Eliminate the need for accident-encouraging, dirty, bacteria-laden plastic strips
    • Reduce energy spend by maintaining indoor climate conditions (both warmth and cool)
    • Protect goods from damage resulting from dust, temperature fluctuations and flying pests
    • Separate spaces that demand differing climatic conditions
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    Material Handling
    Industrial-sized openings, treacherous weather, and flying insects and debris have met their match with Mars industrial-strength protective shield.
    Material Handling
    Heavy traffic and moving equipment are safer when Mars air curtains don’t hamper visibility and staff is more productive with our climate stabilizing support.

    Superior Sanitation and Lowered Energy Costs – Mars Over Every Door ...and Opening

    Across every industry and facility type (no matter what size), Mars can develop custom whole facility sanitation and significant energy savings with a protective shield of air across every opening, including internal separation across multiple cold storage units and “clean rooms” needing higher sterility & hygiene.



    Large cavernous spaces have climatic challenges, make workers uncomfortable and less productive & drive up utility bills. Tackle both issues with Mars titan of tough.

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    Receiving Loading Dock

    Wide open entryways, heavy traffic, and repeated openings don't mean you can't control temperatures, stop wind gusts & keep workers comfortably productive and moving freely with Mars.

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    In Plant Office Separation

    Whether you need to separate areas by temperature zones or ensure high levels of cleanliness, Mars can protect costly goods & drive energy savings.

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    Dock doors

    Condensation and pooling water from exterior conditions can be handled by the powerful stream of Mars air.

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    Personnel Entrances

    When man doors give way to pesky flying insects, dust, debris, and wind you need the Mar's shield for superior environmental protection.

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    Customer Entrance Doors (LPV2, QuietPro)

    Welcome your customers... not flying pests or exterior air that interferes with costly climatized air.

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    How Material Handling Providers Benefit
    from Air Curtains

      Safety-Enhancing with Clear
      Visibility + No Plastic Strips
      Save $$ by Reducing
      Energy Spend
      Strong Support for All Dock,
      High-Speed & Roll Up Doors
      Protect Goods & Equipment = Stop Flying Pests & Wind-Driven Debris
      Eliminate Pooling Water & Condensation & Slips and Falls
      Environmental Separation & Climate
      Control = Productivity-Enhancing