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Vestibule Re-Tool

Admin on April 07, 2017

Is the era of the vestibule over? Or is the vestibule, prevalent in NYC and Chicago and other harsh winter hosts, an unsung hero? The vestibule, with construction costs between $14,000 and $54,000 due to the structure costs along with HVAC equipment, ductwork, electrical wiring, and signage, serves as a solid climate separator, true. Yet, the other truth is that the vestibule now shares top billing with the Mars invisible barrier to control climate controlled air loss. And if location is everything in real estate, floor space is everything to retail, foodservice, and almost every other commercial property. So while we can’t fault the vestibule for trying, and doing a fairly decent job, when compared to the air curtain that can run about 90% less, it is hard to consider the two equal. To learn more about how an air curtain can salvage space once lost to the vestibule, find one of our many reps internationally or call our Customer Care Team at 800.421.1266.