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The Low Down on Mars Air Curtains Options

Admin on July 28, 2023

Mars Air Systems has been an industry leader in air curtains for over 55 years. Their air curtains stand out from the rest, due to laborious testing, value added accessories and strict protocols to ensure every product goes above and beyond industry standards.

The Mars Air Curtain catalog is extensive, and full of valuable products that offer specific needs to multiple industries. Today, we’re going to walk through some common questions that come up when viewing all the options, so that every customer feels confident in their purchasing decision.

Should You Add a Heated Option to the Air Curtain? And If So, What Type?

Many Mars Air Curtains also feature a heating option. When it’s cold outside during the winter, it’s uncomfortable for customers or employees to walk into an establishment and feel a rush of cold air from the air curtain. Choosing an AC curtain with a heating option also enables better temperature control, so that the warm air stays inside on cold days.

There are four heating options in Mars Air AC curtains.

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Hot water
  • Steam

In general, businesses should choose the same heating option as the one in their office or building. This typically is the easiest to install and implement. There are some circumstances that require a different heating method for the air curtains than the rest of the premises.

For instance, if a facility runs on steam but is unable to connect the steam line to the entrance of the building, then electric or gas would be a better fit. It can be confusing to choose, so contact a Mars Air representative before making a final selection in these types of scenarios.

Can A Limit Switch Be Used on All Types of Doors?

Air curtains need a door activated limit switch to tell them when to turn on and off. When the door opens, the limit switch signals to the air curtain to turn on, and then to turn off when the door closes.

Door activated limit switches can be used on most types of hinged, rolling, and sliding doors. However, a limit switch is not always needed. If there is heavy foot traffic in and out of the building, say in a large volume, big-box shopping warehouse, then it’s better to leave the air curtain on continuously to ensure it properly preserves the indoor air quality, while minimizing the loss of the building’s temperature when its doors are opened. Another option would be to add the time delay accessory to the air curtain. This feature allows for the air curtain to stay on for an adjustable, programmed period of time before turning off.

What Is a Motor Control Panel and When Is It Used?

Think of a motor control panel as the brain of the air curtain. The motor control panel contains the components needed to safely control the air curtain, and is usually installed near the air curtain. It contains functionality like starting, stopping, and protecting the air curtain from electrical shortening and over loads

A motor control panel is required when:

  • The specification requires a Starter.
  • The air curtain requires 3 phase power.
  • The door limit switch’s electrical limitations are exceeded, i.e. in voltage, HP, and amperage.
  • A separate controller is required outside the automatic door activation system.

Contact A Sales Rep for Individualized Help

Although Mars Air offers a comprehensive range of air curtains that fulfill a variety of needs across industries, all air curtains are not created equal. There are several important factors to consider before making your choice. Please contact a Mars Air Systems sales rep today for customized assistance, and to find the perfect air curtains for your establishment.