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The Best Freezer Air Curtains for Cold Storage

Admin on January 17, 2024

Navigating the many challenges of cold storage is a shared experience, and Mars Air understands the concerns that can keep any business that depends on functional cold storage systems, on edge.

High utility bills due to temperature fluctuations and inefficient HVAC systems cast a looming shadow and pose a significant cost concern. Compromised equipment, which can cause issues such as icing and condensation, not only diminishes unit performance, but also leads to early failures of critical components such as evaporators and condensers. Safety hazards, including slippery floors, contribute to a workplace environment fraught with risks for hard working teams.

These challenges, coupled with the added threat of debris and flying pests contaminating products through open doors, demand robust solutions and comprehensive strategies to maintain product integrity, employee well-being, and your businesses’ financial performance.

Enter the Mars Air lineup of the best freezer air curtains - cutting-edge designs made to address these challenges with a focus on saving your business money. Our freezer air curtains excel in eliminating icing and condensation, safeguarding goods and perishables, and extending the life of equipment - which not only contributes to controlling pathogens, fungus, and mold, but also minimizes service calls by reducing the burden on evaporators and condensers. They also eliminate the need for the use of strip curtains as a separation barrier, preventing a dirty, bacteria-laden, and visibility-reducing eyesore. Using an obstruction-free solution such as an air curtain also means fewer accidents and less downtime in operations.

The invisible barrier created by Mars air curtains acts as a shield against sky-high utility bills, ensuring costly treated air stays inside any space even during wide-open loading procedures, all while enhancing workplace safety by eliminating hazardous slippery floors through powerful air streams.

More than a machine, a Mars Freezer Air Curtain is a strategic investment that goes beyond addressing immediate challenges; it stands as a multifaceted solution, protecting product integrity, workplace safety, and delivering substantial cost savings through optimized energy efficiency and longevity.

The Mars Air Freezer Curtain Lineup


At the core of our cutting edge designs lies the formidable LPV series. Sleek and quiet, this series boasts a consumer-friendly design that renders it ideal for customer-facing commercial installations. Moreover, it features a convenient variable speed control, providing the flexibility to adjust the air column and control your energy consumption. The LPV series  air curtains are equipped with a robust 1/6 HP motor, and its standard color is Obsidian Black, with heated options also at your disposal for added versatility.


The most popular energy-saving hybrid option for both commercial and industrial applications, is the Standard (STD2) series. Featuring a robust ½ horsepower motor, this model surpasses the LoPro in both volume and strength, catering to diverse customer-facing and industrial applications. Available in ETL Sanitation Certified versions, it accommodates heights up to 10 ft (ETL Sanitation rated for 7 ft heights). All models come in the sleek Obsidian Black, with the option for heated versions.

Clean Air & Sanitation Options

Mars UVC

Backed by scientifically proven germicidal capabilities and an impressive 99.99%-100% surface kill rate achieved through UVC/UVV bulbs, the Mars UVC® freezer air curtain is a cutting-edge solution that annihilates pathogens, diminishes VOC odors, and ensures superior sanitation. Furthermore, the Mars UVC® goes above and beyond by sterilizing up to 99.99% of airborne bio-contaminants through multiple passes, mitigating the accumulation of pathogens on the exposed surface of the air curtain's internal components and minimizing pathogen redistribution and safeguarding your inventory.

Mars Air: The Best in Freezer Air Curtains

At Mars Air Systems we are committed to creating pest-free spaces and designing atmosphere-controlled venues. Our air curtains, strategically placed above entry doors, pass-through windows, and back receiving doors, serve as silent safeguards to keep the uninvited out. For over 50 years, Mars has been at the forefront, partnering with iconic household name brands such as In-N-Out Burger, Taco Bell, Campbell’s Soup and the Green Bay Packers. Whether it's seamlessly blending into decor visions, defending against brutal weather conditions, or vigorously protecting food storage areas, Mars Air products are the unbeatable choice for the most demanding operators worldwide.