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The 6 Benefits of Air Curtains for Restaurants

Admin on December 05, 2023

While restaurants may look like a well-oiled machine from the outside, anyone who owns or works in one knows how difficult they can be to maintain. The dining area must be kept clean of debris and flying pests to ensure customer comfort, and the thermostat must be kicked into high gear to keep the interior cool or warm depending on the weather outside.

The kitchen area must remain sanitized to maintain food handling standards, and proper food storage is critical to avoid spoilage due to temperature or insects. Not to mention that condensation and pooling water can be a safety hazard for staff, causing them to slip and fall.

Understand how to protect your restaurant from these hazards with the implementation of air curtains for restaurants. Keep reading to understand how the six benefits below address common challenges for restaurant owners, staff, and customers, and discover the cost-saving solutions that Mars Air has to offer.

1. Temperature Stabilization

Due to the continuous movement of customers and staff through exits, as well as the frequent opening and closing of pass-thru windows in establishments with a drive-through, the restaurant interior is constantly exposed to outside air. Additionally, all of the conditioned air - for which the restaurant incurs significant expenses - may escape, leading to increased energy costs.

Mars Air curtains for restaurants offer a temperature stabilization solution. When the door opens, the air curtain installed above blows a draft of air straight down, creating an invisible barrier between the interior and exterior. By retaining the cool air on hot days and the warmth on cooler ones, this minimizes the need for frequent operation of the HVAC system, thus reducing energy spend.

2. Stops Pooling Water and Condensation

Humidity can be a major issue for restaurants in the southeastern United States. By installing air curtains for restaurants, one can prevent condensation on the windows and doors from pooling up at entrances and causing puddles. The air released from the curtain will dry up the condensation before it can become a safety issue.

Additionally, air curtains can solve humidity issues in freezers. Follow the link to learn more about how the Westmoreland County Food Bank installed air curtains in their freezer to successfully prevent the build-up of ice and frost on the floor.

3. High ROI Due to Lower Expenses on AC and Heating

Air curtains for restaurants do have an initial cost upfront, but overall they have a high ROI due to the saved money on air conditioning and heating. The utility bill is one of the most expensive costs of running a restaurant, so while the primary cost for an air curtain can be considerable, the influx of consistent monthly savings in the hundreds rapidly offsets the investment, resulting in significant long-term savings.

4. Prevents Flying Pests From Entering

The sight of flying insects can swiftly spoil a customer’s dining experience. Installing an air curtain at entryways and pass-through windows prevents flying pests from entering. The gust of air creates an invisible doorway that flying insects are not strong enough to pass through.

5. Ensures Certain Building and Health Codes Are Met

Mars Air curtains for restaurants are ANSI/NSF and AMCA certified, meaning that certain building and health codes (depending on location) are met. Members of the AMCA (Air Movement and Control Association International) promise to abide by certified ratings to ensure all products sold meet the standard. The ANSI/NSF sets the minimums for sanitary food equipment.

6. Provides Odor Control

The last thing a restaurant wants is an intrusion of odors from outside dumpsters permeating into the kitchen or front dining area. Air curtains for restaurants prevent the exterior air from entering the building, preventing unappealing smells from upsetting customers and staff.

Increase Customer Satisfaction With Mars Air Curtains

Mars air curtains for restaurants have all the solutions you need to ensure an enjoyable space for customers and employees. Some great options for restaurants include:

Contact a Mars Sales rep to learn more about our efficient and cost-effective air curtains for restaurants.