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Spreading Air Curtain Engineering Love to Young Minds

Admin on July 30, 2015

Recently the Mars Air engineering tech team partnered up again to advance research when University of California, Irvine engineering students developed two air curtain year-end projects. One recognized the unique deployment opportunities for the Mars air curtain when it included an air curtain as part of a ware washing unit which has application for the foodservice industry in particular. The use of an air curtain for drying at the end of a dish washing cycle enables for both rapid redeployment of the product by cutting air dry time and can also help diminish surface bacteria with its heated air. The second student effort led to the production of a portable unit with a visual depiction of the air curtain’s effectiveness and ability to create a near impenetrable air wall to thwart the passage of dust, pests and other unwanted intrusions. The Mars Air team loves to find creative ways to share the benefits of their air curtain technology.