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Keep Pesky Flying Pests in the Bullseye

Admin on April 24, 2017

Mars has long had the flying insect in our crosshairs because they annoy diners and retail patrons, hamper industrial operations, spread bacteria and viruses, and imply a lack of operational cleanliness (whether it is true or not). Now with the Zika virus’ link to mosquitos – while a health threat seemingly under control in North America... for now – we are given further proof that flying insects, be they mosquitos, flies or fleas, are a threat to the food supply and human health. Mars has been offering defense for foodservice and retail operators for over five decades and has had a team dedicated to creating best in class products to thwart the pesky flying annoyances that can also turn deadly. While the best defense against mosquito-borne illnesses is a vaccine, until we have one, we’ll continue to do our part provider owners and operators with the best invisible protection for entryways, dock doors and windows. You can begin to assess which unit works best in your facility here.