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In Silent Service for a Holy Temple

Admin on June 06, 2016

While repair work continues at Jagannath Temple in Puri, India, home to a sacred Hindu temple and an important pilgrim destination in many Hindu traditions, air curtains have been assigned sentry duty near the sanctum sanctorum to keep the holy trinity from migrating soil during ongoing work. Two air curtains stand in relatively silent service at this twelvth century holy place and in quiet demonstration that the air curtain is a powerful solution in a multitude of settings. Mars Air Systems has been serving industrial, educational, healthcare, retail and foodservice customers for over 50 years and has helped in a multitude of unique settings that required highly personalized custom solutions. If you have a unique need and aren't sure how the Mars air curtain can be best deployed to eradicate your issue while lowering energy costs, reach out to our Customer Satisfaction Team and learn more.