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Fall is Here...and Colder Winter is Coming

Admin on October 20, 2016

Researchers have established...warm temperatures cause people to buy more. And if you're a retail operator or run a foodservice establishment, maintaining balmy temps mean guests stay longer, spend more and perceive your offering more positively. But when winter comes...and the cold hits...does it have to fade away?

When winter gusts and frigid temps threaten the comfort of your indoors...and your sales.. via opening doors, Mars can make a difference. We're prepared to put the stop to winter with durable heated air units that will consistently warm the air in front of your entry doors, dock doors, pass-thru windows and receiving doors.

With products like the Mars Windguard for your beefiest dock door to the Mars Standard model as a strong sentry for entry doors, you can protect your business and back account from winter's onslaught. Prepare now and reap the benefits starting in November.