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Everyone Gets What They Want

Admin on December 08, 2015

Sometimes the best thing an air curtain can do is give everyone exactly what they want. Both foodservice operators and other building management teams know the complexities that can rise up when they want to satisfy smokers with segregated areas while protecting non-smokers from drifting smoke, smells and by-product contaminants. In fact the CDC reports that secondhand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, hundreds are toxic, and about 70 cause cancer. In Saipan, an island best known for a 1944 battle between US troops and Japanese troops, a casino operator realized an air curtain wall would be the only way to keep smoke from drifting outside of gaming floors and infiltrating the mall next door and the Hard Rock Café restaurant situated a floor above. While not yet installed, the casino operator's plan to create an invisible wall of defense (that only an air curtain can do) is exactly what is on order to satisfy everyone.