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Cracking the Code on Tamper Proof Equipment

Admin on January 14, 2016

Ah the quest to stop prying hands and firewall those with malicious intent…a relentless cat and mouse game sometimes. Our quick survey of the news reveals that recently the United States Federal Aviation Administration admitted that there was no technological or legal way to make cockpit electronics impervious to tampering. Security expert Krebs of the Wall Street Journal recently reported that many gas stations don’t use tamper proofing seals on their pumps that can thwart skimming equipment capable of stealing credit card information. In the tech sector, Apple Inc. was recently awarded a patent for liquid metal fasteners to secure against product tampering or at least make it obvious. At Mars Air Systems, we cracked the code on producing a tamper-proof product decades ago so that when our air curtains are slated for settings that demand tight security, you can rest assured the Mars unit you select will be protected to carry on with what we think of as military-grade performance…