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Air Curtains to the Rescue

Admin on May 23, 2016

While mini vans might be the best way to keep kids separated, the Mars air curtain is the best choice to create environmental separation. Recently The Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans re-opened its 1850 House attraction in the French Quarter after a nine-month closure due to a mold outbreak. The Lower Pontalba, which showcases hundreds of antebellum antiques and pieces of artwork, suffered a mold spore outbreak after a malfunctioning air-conditioning system distributed the toxin through several sections of the 3,600 sq ft space. Air curtains came to the rescue to create a continuous wall of air to create climatic separation and joined forces with air returns and automatic door closers for added security. When your environment would benefit from a bit of separation, get in touch with the Mars technical team and learn more about the thousands of environments we've helped to better with separation, climate control and consistent temperature control and cost savings using our powerful solution.