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    Air Curtains Solving Unique Challenges

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    Mars’ powerful precision-engineered stream of air works so well at solving problems, facility managers call on us to help them resolve a multitude of challenges outside our typical service setting. And, Mars delivers because when a product works this well... word gets out.

    Mars has found a home helping:

    • Remove butterflies from visitors departing the conservatory at the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House at the Missouri Botanical Garden
    • Quick-dry products exiting ware washing stations to return them to service at a large-scale foodservice center
    • Dry shopping carts quickly for large-box retailers in rainy wintery areas to keep their guests dry and comfortable while shopping
    • Warm rubber at a tire manufacturing site to make it more malleable and easier to rim-mount
    • Blow away debris from workers’ clothing entering an automotive painting facility with zero contaminant tolerance

    From explosion-proof and tamper-proof units, to those designed for wash down, count on the Mars team of engineers and problem solvers to thoroughly understand your setting and environmental conditions so we can rescue you from challenges that drain you of time and money.

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    How Custom Applications Find Solutions
    in Air Curtains

      Custom Engineered Solutions for All Applications
      Heated & Unheated Units Solve Multiple Challenges
      Technical Support During +
      After Purchase
      Stops Flying Pests =
      Protect Goods & Staff
      Save $$ & Reduce Energy Spend