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    Air Curtains For Convenience Stores

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    Air Curtains Raise Convenience Store Profitability

    Convenience stores realize significantly higher sales and greater profitability using open-case merchandising units to satisfy the grab-and-go demands of today’s convenience-minded shopper. While prepared food choices and menu options are expanding, operational challenges related to food safety & unit sanitation remain key concerns. Mars offers the support you need to realize the profitability of easy-access cases while giving you the security of higher sanitation, consistent temperatures for longer shelf-life, and the security you’re in compliance with health department mandates.

    Mars’ strong barrier-free entrance door protection keeps your traffic moving while giving you the temperature control you need to keep products fresh, cool and in compliance. Flying pests and high utility bills are a thing of the past with Mars standing guard at all your openings. Call in your profitability partner and find the protection you need all around your store:

    • Keep receiving doors protected and the pests they attract from infiltrating your store
    • Odorous refuse areas can be sanitized and smells eliminated with the Mars UVC® proven germicidal capabilities, VOC odor reduction and a 99.99%-100% surface kill rate of pathogens
    • Cold storage boxes are stabilized with the powerful over-door protection of Mars – no more condensation, no more slippery floors
    • Expedite vehicle drying at your car wash with Mars powerful stream of air – quicker in and out to service a higher volume of vehicles
    • Humidity and repeated door opening no longer impact open-air merchandising cases with Mars providing protection
    Find Products
    Convenience Store 1
    Stabilize the temperatures of your open-air cases, amplify your food safety program and achieve longer product shelf life.
    Convenience Store 2
    Protect the entrance door with Mars so that no matter how high your traffic volume, humidity, flying pests and exterior air are non-issues.

    Superior Sanitation and Lowered Energy Costs - Mars Over Every Door ...and Opening

    Across every industry and facility type (no matter what size), Mars can develop custom whole facility sanitation and significant energy savings with a protective shield of air across every opening, including internal separation across multiple cold storage units and “clean rooms” needing higher sterility & hygiene.


    Car Wash

    Mars units rapidly dry exiting cars so you can drive up the volume and revenue of your car wash system.

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    Customer Entry Doors

    Welcome your customers... not flying pests or exterior air that interferes with costly climatized air

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    Open Air Merchandisers/Refrigerated Cases

    Maintain the critical temperature levels that food safety regulations demand and protect your food products and bottom line from lost revenue with Mars protection.

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    Large Refrigerated Spaces (this is the BEER CAVE)

    Separate cold storage spaces that need differing temperatures and protect product while extending shelf life

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    Refuse Area

    Deploy the Mars UVC™ to eliminate – not cover up – odors that attract flying insects and reduce sanitation.

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    How Convenience Store Benefit from
    Air Curtains

      Protects Refrigerator Case =
      Longer Product Shelf Life
      Clear Access & Visibility
      Temperature Stabilization
      Stops Pooling Water &
      Stops Flying Pests =
      Protect Goods & Staff
      Excellent ROI