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    Admin on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

    GARDENA, California – 12 March 2018 –With continuing focus on strengthening support for our customers, Mars Air Systems announces the promotion of Christopher Burke to the role of VP National Sales. With over 5 years at Mars in the role of National Sales Manager, Burke’s new role expands to include managing a team of Sales Managers who work with and support domestic and international reps to provide air management solutions for materials handling, foodservice, industrial and HVACR. Burke assumed his new role effective February 2018.

    “With strong global demand for Mars and our innovative products like the BAC-net capable SimpleLink™, the Clean Air series of products (Mars HEPAC® and soon Mars UVC™) that sanitize air, demand for our products and whole facility solutions continues to grow. The strong leadership Chris brings helps us meet the growth challenges,” said Steve Rosol, President, Mars Air Systems. “Chris knows the needs of the market well and brings strong leadership and rich experience to his front-line role listening to and connecting with the Mars end users, reps and dealers,” he continued. “And, when we launch QuietPro™ in the second half of 2018, we will satisfy a segment that always pressed us for quieter air curtains and demand will continue its continual march upward. Chris will help us meet growth challenges.”   

    Burke held leadership positions with Trane and Goodman Manufacturing. Burke continues to report to Steve Rosol, President, and supports over 200 factory-trained manufacturers’ representatives and dealers/distributors across the United States and globally.  


    About Mars Air Systems

    Mars Air System has been the most respected name and global leader in air curtain manufacturing for over 50 years and the only provider offering innovative products such as the Mars HEPAC® and Mars UVC™, SimpleLink™— and soon the QuietPro™, the quietest air curtain ever manufactured with Mars anti-vibration technology. The Mars product line protects building environments of every sector from energy loss and windborne dust, dirt, fumes and flying insects with its powerful and invisible protective air barrier. The light but powerful stream of air improves inside sanitation and reduces operational energy costs. Mars air curtains support Green Build initiatives and qualify for LEED point credits within a building management system. Over 200 factory-educated manufacturer’s representatives and dealers/distributors across the United States and internationally choose to represent the Mars family of products.