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    Controlling What's Already In

    Admin on Wednesday, May 04, 2016

    At Mars at good deal of the work we do helps to keep the unwanted from coming in, yet sometimes it’s just as important or even more critical to separate out spaces within. Last year we shared casino operators Best Sunshine International actions to deploy air curtains to stop smoke from the gaming areas from drifting and infiltration other parts of the building. Recently Stoughton Trailers, makers of box trailers, found the air curtain being part of a difference-making solution to halt welding fumes and dust from moving to and impacting the productivity and cleanliness of other manufacturing areas. Finding air curtains could be part of a holistic clean air solution for the fabrication facility, Stoughton joins industry titans like Subaru and P&G who realize the air curtain can make a world of difference in a variety of circumstances beyond the stellar role they play as entryway and doorway air sentries. Learn more from a Mars rep about the unique applications where the Mars air curtain has helped control interior environments because we believe that atmosphere is everything.