Restaurants & Food Service


Mars Air Systems products have been protecting restaurants, catering, and industrial food preparation environments for over half a century, keeping airborn contaminants and flying insects out, and helping maintain sanitation and food safety standards. With today's emphasis on higher efficiency, energy-savings products, Mars Air Curtains help maintain steady internal temperatures, both in buildings and in walk-ins, and reduce energy usage, all while keeping non-conditioned air out. Depending on seasonal temperatures in your area, typically our Air Curtains have a payback of 9-12 months, which is among the fastest ROI on kitchen equipment.


With various customer and employee entrances, drive-thru windows, and loading and delivery doors, there are many application options for Food Service environments.


Air curtain protection for your restaurant front doors.
Maintain air quality and temperatures with Mars Air Curtains over your receiving doors.
Air curtains over freezer/cooler entrances help save energy and maintain temperature.
A Mars Air Curtain installed over the drive-thru window offers protection every single time the window is open, helping keep energy costs down, and your kitchen area free of contaminants.