HVAC & Mechanical

Nowadays every building has a HVAC system, whether it is an office building, a retail store, or a warehouse. As the building gets bigger, the cost to cool, or heat, as well as maintain the internal temperature begins to rise. This cost is initially miniscule, however over the years it accumulates. Here at Mars Air Systems, our Air Curtains assist in cutting those costs down by providing a transparent barrier between two environments. Mars Air Curtains can not only save money but also assist in acquiring LEED points. The main areas where they apply are Indoor Air Quality Points and Energy and Atmosphere Points. For more information please feel free to contact us.
Since HVAC covers a wide array of applications, we manufacture a variety of different units for every opening possible, ranging from customer entrances and clean rooms, to loading docks and airplane hangars. For areas where the temperature can get significantly low, we have a number of heating options. Our heated units assist in creating a comfortable environment for customers as they walk through the entrance.

Mars Air Curtains over customer entrances mean that you can keep conditioned air in, reduce energy costs, and still allow the free flow of customer traffic.
Mars Air Curtains over your loading dock doors are the most effective barrier for keeping conditioned air inside a facility.
Mars Air Curtains over your cooler doors offer protection, keeping conditioned air in, and still allowing free flow of foot and forklift traffic.
Mars Phantom Air Curtain Units are fully recessed into the ceiling, offering an invisible solution for any application.