Air Curtain FAQ & Troubleshooting Guide


Mounting & Installation

How Far Above The Doorway Header Should The Air Curtain Be Mounted?

Mount air curtain ½” to 2” above the door opening whenever possible. The closer to the top of the door opening, the more effective the air curtain will be. Extended mounting brackets are available in various lengths so the air curtain can be mounted to clear an obstruction. If the unit is mounted higher, move it 3/8’’ away from the wall for every 1’’ it is moved above the door.

If There Is An Obstruction Over The Doorway, How Far Away From The Wall Can The Air Curtain Be Installed And Still Function Effectively?

Not more than 8” for refrigeration and 14” for insects. To seal off the ends, 12” to 18” panels made of sheet metal, plastic strips, or plywood can be installed on each side of the door opening to improve the efficiency of the air curtain. Sometimes the Mars Air Curtain outlet nozzle may be installed between the obstruction and the wall. Precaution is necessary to prevent the obstruction from deflecting the flow of air.

What Are The Normal Heights That An Electric Heated Mars Air Curtain Can Be Mounted?

Electric heated air curtains with ½ HP motors are normally used over customer entrance doorways in restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, personnel entrances, etc. and installed no more than 8’ above the floor. The colder the climate the higher the kW heater should be selected. If specifying electric heated models for use over warehouse doorways, use either HV or EP models. Higher kWs should be used in this case. Most electric heated models are supplied with motor control panels and wall mounted thermostats for ON/OFF/Fan Only control.

When More Than One Air Curtain Is Installed Over A Doorway, How Close Together Should They Be Mounted?

Units should be mounted next to each other; however, if the door opening is wider than the units, spacing up to 6” between units is acceptable. LPV25 models can be spaced up to 3” apart. For wider pass-thru openings, use the LoPro series.

What Happens If The Air Curtain Is Much Smaller Than The Door-Width Opening?

Whenever possible, avoid using an air curtain that is shorter than the entire width of the door opening. An undersized air curtain will create unprotected areas on each side, thereby reducing its efficiency level. An air curtain should cover the doorway completely. If necessary, it’s always better to use an air curtain that is slightly wider, than shorter, in covering the opening. Some manufacturers will provide their units with extreme side deflectors to help spread the air outward. Avoid using this type of design. The output airflow pattern becomes very irregular. Much of the airflow moves across the opening, causing considerable air velocity loss by the time it hits the floor.

When Would A Vertical Mount Be Feasible?

When installation is not possible over the top of the doorway some Mars Air Curtains may be vertically mounted on either side of the door, blowing across the door opening; this type of installation must be specified at time of order. The pan of the motor/fan assembly will be bolted to the air curtain housing instead of the standard wing nut mount hardware. All motors used in Mars Air Curtains contain thrust bearings and operate efficiently in any position. 

Where Are The Junction Boxes?

Each motor within the air curtain housing will have one watertight junction box mounted internally. Contact factory for specific location. If specified at time of order, the junction box can be located elsewhere.

How Does The Air Curtain Mount Over A Large Warehouse Roll-Up Door?

Mars provides a variety of optional mounting hardware accessories. Side extension plates are available to further extend the outboard mounting hole on the STD, HV, and EP models when being used to clear existing lines and tracks over a doorway. These plates are available in various sizes up to a 9” extension for both ends of the air curtain. Adjustable mounting brackets and extended wall mount brackets for drum type roll-up doors are also available; these types of brackets are used when the air curtain needs to be mounted some distances away from the wall. The brackets are available in various sizes to provide 2 ½” to 23” of clearance. Please consult factory for details.

When There Is A Foyer, Where Should The Air Curtain Be Mounted?

To be most effective, the air curtain should be mounted inside the foyer over the building entrance door. Depending upon climatic conditions, either a heated or unheated model may be used.

When An Air Curtain Is Mounted Over A Cooler Doorway, Can The Door Itself Be Removed And The Air Curtain Allowed To Operate Continuosly?

No. Air curtains provide up to an 80% thermal efficiency level. The continual loss of refrigerated air and build-up of humidity within the cooler will cause the compressor to burnout. Air Curtains are meant to be used as an energy saving device when the cooler door needs to be opened for loading and unloading purposes.