Docks & Doors

With 93% of companies in the US implementing green initiatives in their supply chain, it is important to provide products which help companies meet their energy savings goals. Installing a Mars Air Curtain can prevent 70% of conditioned air from being lost through an opening.
A superior alternative to vinyl strip curtains, Mars Air Curtains are a clean and clear, safe, long-term solution to providing a barrier against dust, bacteria, fumes, flying insects, odors, and adverse temperatures, without obstructing the opening. Air curtains can also be used lengthwise over conveyor systems to cool, heat, or dry product throughout the manufacturing process.

Mars Air Curtains over your loading dock doors are the most effective barrier for keeping conditioned air inside a facility.
Save energy by installing Mars Air Curtains over your shipping and receiving doors.
Air curtains for Airplane Hangars and transportation terminals.
Air Curtains can create internal air barriers within your warehouse or manufacturing plant.