Rolling Up to a Clearer, Safer View…and Fewer Incidents

When at least 25% of all warehouse injuries said to occur at the loading dock, warehousing and manufacturing operators who value safety and low workplace injury incidents can’t ever focus too much attention on the area. The culprit? In many cases, it’s a case of simple visual obstruction. Forklift drivers are visually hampered when backing out of trailers and generally rate as a high safety concern anywhere they operate. The forklift driver is responsible for multiple simultaneous tasks such as situating the forks and backing onto the dock while workers on foot are juggling their need to move quickly from task to task and the repeated distraction of loading and lifting. Industry leaders continue to acknowledge the superior visibility and safety enhancements the air curtain provides over the unwieldy plastic strip curtains which can become both heavily soiled and cloudy within just months of use. That is when they’re not pushed aside and being held back by some makeshift barrier because they’ve become such an annoyance they’ve been all but “banned from service”. The visibility-reducing impediment of the plastic strip curtain has been a key contributor to dock door safety hazards and one of the most cited reasons for the use of a more effective and visibility enhancing Mars air curtain. Ask us to share how we’ve helped others provide more clarity for their dock workers.