Food Trucks “Mobile-ize” in War on Flying Pests

November 12, 2015

As an estimated $857M industry annually in the US, mobile food trucks are one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service sector and a new battleground pitting food safety advocates against the pesky flying pests. Originally known as the chuck wagon long long ago, rolling mobile feeding stations now satisfy a hunger for unique, gourmet cuisine and affordable dining options. The industry’s remarkable resurgence began in 2008, just as the recession hit, as hundreds of new vendors recognized changing consumer preferences. With cities such as Portland, OR; Austin, TX; and Los Angeles using new laws and designating areas specially designed for mobile food trucks, regulations demanding the use of the air curtain as a powerful and nearly invisible tool to combat flying pests (and the myriad of foodborne illnesses they can contribute to) continue to evolve and be imposed city by city.  The Mars team can help you custom design an appropriate solution for your mobile unit’s needs and environmental concerns and enable you to get a move on.