Case Studies

With over 50 years of experience in the air curtain industry, Mars Air Systems has installed air curtains in numerous application settings, from the simplest entrance or dock receiving doors to more elaborate installations in convention centers and large production facitilities used to separate manufacturing environments. 


Additionally, there are many special applications where you will find a Mars air curtain.  A few case studies are included for review.



Taking On the Desert Storm - Heat, Dust, & Wind
Too Many People Need Us - It has to be Right
When a Solution Works This Well...Add Another
Top Chains Order Up Peak Performers
Controlling Humidity to Manage Defects
Managing Wide Open Spaces
Balls Keep Flying, Pests Get Grounded
Putting the Skids on Slippery
Taking On the Desert Storm - Heat, Dust, & Wind
Keeping it Fresh Enough for a Baby's Bottom
Only Exceptional Performers Invited.