Case Studies

With over 50 years of experience in the air curtain industry, Mars Air Systems has installed air curtains in numerous application settings, from the simplest entrance or dock receiving doors to more elaborate installations in convention centers and large production facitilities used to separate manufacturing environments. 


Additionally, there are many special applications where you will find a Mars air curtain.  A few case studies are included for review.



The Mena House Oberoi Resort & Hotel in Cairo, Egypt enlisted the help of Mars Air Systems to keep their cold storage areas cool while loading perishables.
Mars Air Systems provides an energy and safety air curtain solution to walk-in cooler at Westmoreland Food Bank
BMW installed nine electric heated Mars Air Curtains over the conveyor belt to heat the tires as they rolled in off the trailers, allowing them to perform the heating operation of their assembly process more efficiently and reduce their consumption on liquid propane gas.
Steam heated Mars Air Curtains were installed at Shrock Cabinetry to help stabilize the building’s inside temperature, providing supplemental heat to the loading dock areas as well.
Mars Air Curtains were used to help expedite the drying process of trays and dinnerware used for in-flight services at Japan Airlines, reducing the amount of silver and flatware inventory that JAL needed to retain to service their customers.
A total of 198 Mars Air Curtains were installed at various locations throughout the Al Wakra Hospital in Qatar in order to keep indoor air quality at optimum levels in and keep expensive air conditioning inside the building,
Doha Airport was equipped with various sizes of Mars Air Curtains over both customer entrances and baggage handling areas to help minimize air conditioning temperature loss through open doors.
Mars Air Curtains are being utilized at Subaru in a custom-built 20-foot long hallway to remove contaminates from the workers so as to maintain exceptional cleanliness in their paint booths.
The Statue of Liberty, located on Liberty Island, in New York, NY has strong prevailing winds coming in off the Atlantic. This created an uncomfortable environment inside the gift shop for the visitors and shop employees.
The Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, UAE is the world’s tallest building. It is believed to be the crown jewel of the Middle East and home of some of the world’s finest shopping, dining, entertainment and residences
Mars Air Systems helped The Butterfly House eliminate the hassle of butterflies leaving their tropical exhibit, in addition to conserving energy by reducing temperature loss through the visitor exit.
Kwikset, manufacturer of door locks and hardware, located in Lake Forest, CA installed gas heated air curtains over their shipping and receiving dock doors to improve indoor comfort and protect from the cold night time air outside while the doors were left open.
Washington Gas Company installed eight Mars Indirect Gas Fired Windguard series air curtains over each of the bay doors to provide wind protection up to 30 mph, temperature control, and an additional heating component to improve indoor comfort.